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Do the Right Thing the First Time
Making Notes

Plan A Solutions is poised to be a best-in-class Software Consultancy service provider. In an environment of continuous evolution, technology and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are some of the foundations for business success. Our consulting services offer industry leading solutions to various business verticals, ranging from EPC and contractor companies to financial services' organisations. 

Partnering with Epicor and promoting Epicor ERP is an established endeavour, based on numerous years of  consulting expertise and successful ERP implementation projects.


Continuously looking for new technologies and striving to get the best service / output possible, we partner with to provide Artificial Intelligence Solutions to the market.

Reach out to check all our available AI-powered algorithm solutions!


Plan A Solutions is driven by 3 key principles:

1) Excellence: the company's credo is to 'do it right the first time';

2) Atemporal: despite the focus on available technology, the company and services will aim to be always on top of latest and most innovative solutions available;

3) Simplicity: representing ease of engagement and transparency on services provided.

AI Business 


Business Meeting

Project Management

Business Meeting

Epicor ERP Consulting

Talking Business

If we can assist in any way on these areas of business, feel free to contact us or book an appointment!

Our Mission is to partner with innovative companies, focusing on their strengths and mitigate risks on weaknesses through IT Projects and business consultancy engagements. We achieve this via a set of services associated to leading ERP products, employing cutting-edge technology and solutions.

The Vision, to further enhance business efficiencies as we maximize productivity and output, leading to a more sustainable world. 


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